It was an argument that who is superior, either 'Sivam' (Lord Siva) or Shakthi (Parvathi). In order to resolve thus, they performed a dance programe at Chidambaram in front of Vishnu, Bhramma and points. While they were playing dance, Siva was about to be defeated.

But knowing fully well Siva played on "OORTHAVA THANDAVA" i.e. raising is leg above his head. This 'Ooorthava Thandava' is one of the posture in the dance. It could not be played by the woemn folk due to their modesty and shyness. In this parvathi could not equally play this posture and agreed her defeat and she was go to the extreme end of the town.

In order to contain her haughtiness and to teech a lesson that Sivam and Shakthi are also important in our life.

'Thillai Kali' is a deity in anger. This anger was pacified by Bhahma by Chenting Veda and also praising her. Because of the penance of Lord Brahma 'Kali' became Cool. So that Goddess 'Thillai Amman' in this temple seems with four faces.

Stone Inscripts :

The Hindu 'Shoza' periods are represented in the inscriptions in this temple. This temple about construction in the regime of 'Kopperunsingan'


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